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Taylor Swift, an icon of modern pop culture, needs little introduction. With a career spanning decades, she has solidified her place as one of the most influential and successful artists of her generation. From her early beginnings as a country music sensation to her evolution into a global pop phenomenon, Swift has consistently captivated audiences with her catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating performances.

Celebrated for her highly anticipated Eras Tour, Taylor Swift has become synonymous with both musical prowess and cinematic appeal. As venues worldwide experience a rush for seats, showcasing the undeniable demand for her live performances, Swift’s name has transcended mere music stardom. Her influence extends to the silver screen, where anticipation for the film documenting her tour has led to sold-out box office success. As the tour prepares to captivate audiences across the UK, Swift’s presence continues to resonate, reaffirming her position as a global icon in both music and film.

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Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” marks a significant milestone in her illustrious career, showcasing her evolution as an artist and performer. The tour takes audiences on a journey through Swift’s various musical eras, each characterized by distinct themes, sounds, and visual aesthetics. From her early country roots to her transition into pop and beyond, the Eras Tour celebrates Swift’s versatility and creativity as an artist.

The tour features electrifying performances of Swift’s greatest hits, spanning across multiple albums and chart-topping singles. Fans can expect an immersive concert experience filled with elaborate stage designs, dazzling costumes, and innovative production elements that bring each era to life in vivid detail.

With sold-out shows in prestigious venues around the world, including stadiums, arenas, and music festivals, the Eras Tour is a testament to Swift’s enduring popularity and global appeal. It serves as a celebration of her remarkable achievements and the deep connection she shares with her devoted fanbase. 

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The Eras: Tour Schedule

The Eras Tour, initiated in March 2023, saw Taylor Swift captivating audiences across the United States and Brazil, culminating in a resounding conclusion in November 2023. Now, in 2024, Taylor Swift resumes her tour, embarking on a journey across Asia and Oceania, with plans to grace stages in Europe during the summer of the same year. Among the highly anticipated stops are iconic venues in the United Kingdom, including Wembley Stadium, Anfield Stadium, and Principality Stadium. Swift’s electrifying performances promise to bring her chart-topping hits and much more to millions of eager fans, ensuring a series of unforgettable shows that will resonate for years to come.

So far the UK venues and dates are as follows;

  • Friday 07 June 2024 – Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh
  • Saturday 08 June 2024 – Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh
  • Sunday 09 June 2024 – Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh
  • Thursday 13 June 2024 – Anfield Stadium, Liverpool
  • Friday 14 June 2024 – Anfield Stadium, Liverpool
  • Saturday 15 June 2024 – Anfield Stadium, Liverpool
  • Tuesday 18 June 2024 – Principality Stadium, Cardiff
  •  Friday 21 June 2024 – Wembley Stadium, London
  • Saturday 22 June 2024 – Wembley Stadium, London
  • Sunday 23 June 2024 – Wembley Stadium, London
  • Thursday 15 August 2024 – Wembley Stadium, London
  • Friday 16 August 2024 – Wembley Stadium, London
  • Saturday 17 August 2024 – Wembley Stadium, London
  • Monday 19 August 2024 – Wembley Stadium, London
  • Tuesday 20 August 2024 – Wembley Stadium, London

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is poised as one of the most elite venues in the heart of London, providing spectators with the opportunity to witness a plenthora of events including the FA Cup Final, NFL London Series and phenomenal music acts alongside Taylor Swift from the likes of Green Day, Bruce Springsteen and AC DC. 

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Taylor Swift: Recent Setlist

Most recently, Taylor Swift has performed at the Tokyo Dome in Japan for her Eras World Tour, captivating her global fanbase with unforgettable renditions of her timeless and chart-topping hits on grand stages. Following on from that performance her setlist included the following tracks throughout her ever expanding catalogue:

  1. Fearless
  2. End Game
  3. Speak Now
  4. Evermore
  5. Gold Rush
  6. Red
  7. Lavender Haze
  8. Lover
  9. Bejeweled elements
  10. True
  11. Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince
  12. Cruel Summer
  13. The Man
  14. You Need to Calm Down
  15. Lover
  16. The Archer
  17. Fearless
  18. You Belong With Me
  19. Love Story
  20. ’tis the damn season
  21. Willow
  22. Marjorie
  23. Champagne problems
  24. Tolerate it
  25. …Ready for It?
  26. Delicate
  27. Don’t Blame Me
  28. Look What You Made Me Do
  29. Enchanted
  30. Long Live
  31. Red Intro
  32. 22
  33. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  34. I Knew You Were Trouble
  35. All Too Well
  36. Seven
  37. The 1
  38. Betty
  39. The Last Great American Dynasty
  40. August
  41. Illicit affairs
  42. My tears ricochet
  43. Cardigan
  44. Style
  45. Blank Space
  46. Shake It Off
  47. Wildest Dreams
  48. Bad Blood
  49. Say Don’t Go
  50. It’s time to go
  51. Lavender Haze
  52. Anti‐Hero
  53. Midnight Rain
  54. Vigilante Shit
  55. Bejeweled
  56. Mastermind
  57. Karma

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Taylor Swift Hospitality Packages

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taylor swift tour 2024

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