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A visit to The Championships is a tennis experience to savour, so we’ve put together a useful list of your most frequently asked questions covering all kinds of topics surrounding the Wimbledon Championships, to ensure you are perfectly prepared ahead of your visit to this iconic tennis Grand Slam event.

So if you’re wondering about the dress code policy at The Wimbledon Championships, would like to understand the various Wimbledon ticket types, or even if you want to know how many glasses of Pimm’s are enjoyed during the famous Wimbledon fortnight, you can find it all right here.

Wimbledon FAQs

What tennis will be on when I attend?

The full order of play isn’t confirmed until the night prior to the following day’s play due to variable match duration, however you can take a look at the Wimbledon Schedule to see the provisional Wimbledon timetable.

How can I get general / grounds admission tickets for Wimbledon?

There are two ways to get general admission tickets to Wimbledon. You can enter the Public Ballot in which applicants are placed in a random draw for tickets across all days and courts The Championships. Alternatively, you can join The Queue for the limited number of tickets made available on each day of the Wimbledon Championships. Visitors are advised to join The Queue a few hours prior to the gates opening time of 9:30am.

What are debentures / debenture seats?

Debentures are seats on either Centre or No.1 that are held over a long term lease which are made available as part of hospitality packages for The Championships. They are essentially long term season tickets at Wimbledon and are located in premium locations on each court.

What are Wimbledon VIP tickets?

VIP tickets are seats which are often reserved for sponsors or dignitaries that come as part of many of the hospitality packages at The Championships. These are also in very good locations on Centre Court or Court No. I.

How do I book a Wimbledon hospitality package?

Explore the Wimbledon hospitality packages available at The Championships and get in touch using the Quick Enquiry form to let us know your requirements. At this point a member of our tennis events team will be in touch to inform you of availability, prices and to guide you through the simple booking process.

What time does the tennis start?

Traditionally at Wimbledon, Junior matches get underway at 11:00am on the outside courts, main draw matches on the outer courts commence at 11;30am and matches scheduled on Court No.1 and Centre Court start at 1:00pm. The start time of the Finals is 2:00pm.

What if it rains?

The Wimbledon raincheck policy applies to each day of The Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Depending on the duration of the rain stoppage, visitors may be entitled to a refund up to the full face value of their ticket. The length of the delay is determined via the official Referee’s log of how much play has taken place. Visitors with tickets as part of a hospitality package will be refunded only on the ticket element of the package; visitors will still be free to enjoy the Wimbledon hospitality element which will not be compromised by a rain stoppage.

I’ve booked Wimbledon hospitality with Centre Court tickets – can we still go on Court No.1?

Unfortunately, no. Centre Court tickets do not provide access to Court No.1 and vice versa. Please ensure when booking your VIP package that you will have tickets on your desired court prior to finalising your booking.

When will I receive my hospitality tickets?

Hospitality passes, event information and your Wimbledon tickets are dispatched up to two weeks prior to your day at The Championships.

What is the dress code at Wimbledon?

There is no strict dress code for The Wimbledon Championships, however we recommend smart casual attire for your visit. No torn jeans, running vests, sports short or dirty trainers are permitted. Tailored shorts are acceptable.

What do I need to bring on the day?

Each guest must bring their event wallet containing their event information and hospitality passes to gain entry. Failure to do so may result in non-admission.

Will there be vegetarian / vegan options on the menu?

Yes all Wimbledon hospitality facilities can cater for various dietary requirement – please ensure you let us know in advance of you visit so that we can make the necessary arrangements or you.

When will Wimbledon hospitality packages be available for next year’s event?

Wimbledon hospitality tickets packages may already be on sale for next year – please get in touch for further information.

How far in advance do I need to book?

The earlier you book your Wimbledon hospitality tickets the better. We recommend early booking as it ensures availability across all days of The Championships, whereas nearer the time of the event, certain days and facilities may already be at capacity.

Will our seats on court be together?

Traditionally Wimbledon debenture seats come in a minimum of guaranteed pairs, however if you wish to have a larger grouping of seats then please make this request to your account manager when discussing your event requirements and we will endeavour to arrange this for you (subject to availability).

How many glasses of Pimm’s are served at Wimbledon?

During the Wimbledon fortnight, more than 320,000 glasses of Pimm’s are supplied for visitors.

How many portions of strawberries and cream are served at Wimbledon?

Over 140,000 servings of strawberries and cream are served each year at Wimbledon.

Have you got another Wimbledon question you need answered?

If you can’t find what you need in our Wimbledon FAQs section then send your question to [email protected] and our team of tennis hospitality experts will be happy to help.


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Wimbledon FAQs

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Wimbledon FAQs

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Wimbledon FAQs

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Wimbledon FAQs

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