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The Minnesota Vikings stand as a cornerstone of American football excellence, boasting a rich history steeped in tradition and triumph. Since their inception in 1961, the Vikings have carved out a legacy as one of the NFL’s most storied franchises, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide with their iconic purple and gold colors. From the legendary “Purple People Eaters” defense of the 1970s to their modern-day stars lighting up the gridiron, the Vikings represent a beacon of resilience, passion, and unwavering determination. With a commitment to excellence ingrained in their ethos, the Vikings continue to inspire generations, embodying the spirit of Minnesota while leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of American football.

Now looking to make their return for the NFL London Games at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium against a yet unknown opponent, the Minnesota Vikings will undoubtedly bring their trademark intensity and determination to the international stage. With a roster of talented players and a commitment to excellence, they aim to showcase their skills and represent not only their team but also the NFL as a whole on a global platform. Witness their pursuit on the field with official Minnesota Vikings VIP tickets for the ultimate matchday.

Minnesota Vikings: NFL London Record

The Minnesota Vikings embarked on their international odyssey in 2013, debuting at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium as part of the NFL’s International Series. Their inaugural match against the Pittsburgh Steelers was nothing short of enthralling, captivating fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Despite a valiant effort from the Steelers, the Vikings emerged triumphant with a thrilling 34-27 victory, leaving a lasting impression on the London crowd and reaffirming their status as a formidable force in international American Football.

Their journey continued in 2017 when they returned to London, this time clashing with the Cleveland Browns in a electrifying showdown at Twickenham Stadium. Displaying sheer determination and skill, the Vikings dominated the game, securing a commanding 33-16 victory and once again delighting fans worldwide with their exceptional performance.

In 2022, the Vikings etched their name in history at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, facing off against the New Orleans Saints in a memorable matchup. In a thrilling contest, the Vikings emerged victorious with a hard-fought 28-25 win, captivating audiences with their prowess and resilience on the field.

Get ready for the next installment in the Vikings’ international journey as they return to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in 2024 to take on an as-yet-undetermined opponent. Secure your official Minnesota Vikings VIP tickets to witness the excitement and thrill of the game firsthand as the Vikings strive to achieve another unforgettable victory on the global stage.

Results History | Minnesota Vikings @ NFL London

2022  |  Tottenham Stadium     |  Minnesota Vikings 28 – 25 New Orleans Saints

2017  |  Twickenham Stadium  |  Minnesota Vikings 33 – 16 Cleveland Browns

2013  |  Wembley Stadium        |  Minnesota Vikings 34 27 Pittsburgh Steelers

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Minnesota Vikings: NFL London 2024

The Minnesota Vikings are gearing up for a triumphant return to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the NFL Games 2024, marking their fourth appearance in the prestigious event. After their thrilling showdown against the New Orleans Saints in 2022, where they emerged victorious with a hard-fought 28-25 win, the Vikings are set to once again grace the iconic stadium with their presence. With their reputation as a powerhouse in American Football firmly established, fans eagerly anticipate another electrifying performance from the Vikings as they take on their as-yet-undetermined opponent in what promises to be another unforgettable chapter in their NFL Games legacy.

Make sure to register your interest in official Minnesota Vikings VIP tickets to be kept in the loop about their opponent and to ensure that you have a phenomenal gameday at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the NFL London Games 2024.

Minnesota Vikings NFL London Hospitality

While the hospitality packages for the highly anticipated 2024 NFL Games at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium are still being finalized, last time we offered the epitome of luxury with the exclusive Loge On Four hospitality package. This VIP experience promises to elevate your Minnesota Vikings game day to new heights with contemporary semi-private dining booths and superb seats providing excellent views of the action, ensuring you’ll be at the heart of the excitement throughout the game and also will allow you to indulge in a three course dining experience with complimentary flowing beverages.

As the finishing touches are being placed on the hospitality packages, including additional perks and amenities, stay tuned for further updates on how you can secure your place at this premier event. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate NFL London experience with our unrivaled hospitality offerings.

Register your interest in official Minnesota Vikings VIP tickets to be among the first to find out more about the hospitality offerings we have to offer at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to ensure that you do not miss out on the ultimate NFL London matchday. 

minnesota vikings nfl london 2024

Enquire now to find out more about official Minnesota Vikings VIP tickets and NFL hospitality packages the upcoming NFL London Games 2024.

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