Wembley 100

In 2023, the iconic Wembley Stadium celebrated a century of history, marking a remarkable milestone in the annals of sports and entertainment. Standing as a beacon of sporting prowess and cultural significance, Wembley has been witness to legendary moments that have captivated audiences worldwide. From hosting historic football matches and thrilling concerts to being a symbol of resilience and unity, Wembley’s journey over the past century embodies the evolution of not just a stadium, but a symbol of national pride and global admiration. As it reached its centenary, Wembley stood as a testament to the enduring power of sport and entertainment in shaping our collective memories and aspirations.

Make some new memories at Wembley Stadium in 2024 at an event of your choice. Whether it’s witnessing electrifying concerts, experiencing thrilling sporting showdowns, or immersing yourself in cultural spectacles, Wembley offers a diverse array of experiences to suit every taste. With its rich history and state-of-the-art facilities, Wembley promises unforgettable moments that will be cherished for years to come. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the legacy at Wembley Stadium, where dreams are realized and memories are made.

2000: The Penultimate Gig

As the sun set on Wembley Stadium, Oasis took to the stage, marking a historic moment as the penultimate band to grace the iconic venue before its demolition. Their electrifying performance resonated through the stadium, captivating the hearts of fans who had gathered for a night of unforgettable music. Little did they know, this performance would etch itself into the annals of music history. Following the show, Oasis would release the concert as an album, igniting a global phenomenon that would shift millions of copies worldwide. The echoes of their performance would linger long after the final note faded, a testament to the indelible mark Oasis left on Wembley Stadium and the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

2000: The Last England Men's Internationals

In a poignant moment for English football, the hallowed grounds of Wembley Stadium bore witness to the final international match for England’s men’s team before undergoing a transformation. Despite a valiant effort, England fell to Germany in a closely contested 1-0 defeat, marking the end of an era on the iconic pitch. As the echoes of the final whistle reverberated through the stadium, emotions ran high among players and fans alike, recognizing the significance of the occasion. With the final match played, the stage was set for a new chapter in Wembley’s storied history, as construction commenced on a modernized arena to carry on the legacy of football excellence for generations to come.

2007: John Terry secures the draw against Brazil

Following a series of test events, Wembley Stadium celebrated its official reopening with much fanfare as England’s men’s team squared off against Brazil. The anticipation was palpable as football enthusiasts flooded the stands, eager to witness the iconic venue come alive once more. In a riveting match that ended in a 1-1 draw, the spotlight shone brightly on skipper John Terry, whose leadership and skill proved pivotal as he netted the crucial goal for England. As the roar of the crowd reverberated through the stadium, it marked not only a memorable return for Wembley but also a promising start for the national team on their home turf.

2007: NFL Comes To Wembley

Adding an exciting dimension to its repertoire, Wembley Stadium solidified its status as a global sporting hub by becoming a regular-season NFL venue. The inaugural match at the stadium saw an exhilarating showdown between the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins, captivating fans on both sides of the Atlantic. In a tightly contested battle, the New York Giants emerged victorious with a narrow 13-10 win over their rivals. The historic clash not only showcased Wembley’s versatility as a premier sports arena but also marked the beginning of a new era of transatlantic sporting spectacle, further cementing its reputation as an iconic venue on the world stage.

2011: Messi Leads Barca To Victory

The UEFA Champions’ League Final made its grand debut at the newly revamped Wembley Stadium, marking a historic moment in football history. The stage was set for an epic showdown between two football giants, as Lionel Messi-led Barcelona clashed with Manchester United in a battle for European supremacy. With the world watching, Barcelona delivered a masterclass performance, inspired by the brilliance of Messi, as they triumphed over Manchester United with a commanding 3-1 victory. The match not only showcased the grandeur of Wembley’s iconic setting but also etched itself into the annals of football folklore as a defining moment in the illustrious history of the UEFA Champions’ League.

2015: Inaugural Womens FA Cup Final

Wembley Stadium made history by hosting its inaugural Women’s FA Cup Final, a momentous occasion celebrated by 30,710 passionate fans. The atmosphere was electric as Chelsea and Notts County took to the hallowed pitch, both teams eager to etch their names in football history. In a closely contested battle, Chelsea emerged victorious with a hard-fought 1-0 win over their opponents. The match not only showcased the growing popularity and significance of women’s football but also underscored Wembley’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the beautiful game. As the final whistle blew, echoing cheers filled the stadium, marking a milestone for women’s football and cementing Wembley’s status as a premier venue for the sport.

2015: Rugby Union World Cup

Wembley Stadium took center stage during the 2015 Rugby Union World Cup, hosting two exhilarating matches that showcased the intensity and skill of the sport. Rugby enthusiasts from around the globe gathered in anticipation as eventual champions New Zealand faced off against Argentina in a thrilling showdown. The match was a display of fierce competition and strategic prowess, with New Zealand emerging victorious. In another compelling clash, Ireland battled Romania in a hard-fought contest that captivated fans with its physicality and flair. Ultimately, Ireland secured a well-deserved win, adding to the excitement of the tournament. Wembley’s iconic venue provided the perfect backdrop for these memorable encounters, highlighting the stadium’s versatility and its ability to host world-class sporting events across different disciplines.

2016: Oldest Player To Score In Wembley Final

At the age of 45, Chris Swailes of Morpeth Town etched his name into the annals of football history, becoming the oldest player to score in a Wembley final. His remarkable feat served as the catalyst for Morpeth Town’s triumphant 4-1 victory over Hereford United in The FA Vase Final, a moment celebrated by fans far and wide. Swailes’ goal not only showcased his enduring skill and determination but also inspired his team to a resounding triumph on the grand stage of Wembley Stadium. The day also marked a milestone for Non-League football, as it witnessed the inaugural non-League double-header, with The FA Vase and FA Trophy finals taking place simultaneously. This historic occasion highlighted the rich tapestry of football beyond the professional ranks and underscored the inclusive spirit of the sport, celebrated amidst the iconic backdrop of Wembley.

2017: AJ Wins World Heavyweight Boxing Title

In a monumental clash that gripped the attention of 90,000 fervent spectators, Anthony Joshua ascended to the pinnacle of heavyweight boxing glory at Wembley Stadium. The atmosphere was electric as Joshua squared off against the formidable reigning champion, Wladimir Klitschko, in a battle for the ages. As the rounds unfolded, both fighters showcased their skill and resilience, captivating the audience with their display of courage and determination. In a dramatic turn of events, Joshua unleashed a ferocious onslaught, ultimately stopping Klitschko and seizing the world heavyweight title in a moment of triumph that echoed throughout the stadium. The historic bout not only solidified Joshua’s status as a boxing icon but also etched itself into the annals of sporting history as one of Wembley’s most unforgettable moments.

2017: Adele sets the bar for highest record attendance 

Adele mesmerized a record-breaking crowd of 98,000 fans at Wembley Stadium in June, setting a new standard for UK music events. As anticipation reached a fever pitch, concertgoers from far and wide gathered to witness the soulful songstress in all her glory. Against the backdrop of Wembley’s iconic arch, Adele delivered a spellbinding performance that transcended boundaries and resonated with audiences on a profound level. With her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, she captivated the hearts of fans, creating an electrifying atmosphere that reverberated throughout the stadium. As the final notes faded into the night sky, Adele’s historic concert left an indelible mark on the annals of music history, solidifying Wembley’s reputation as a premier destination for unforgettable live experiences.

2018: Fastest Goal At Wembley Stadium

Setting a blistering pace, Christian Eriksen etched his name in the annals of Wembley Stadium’s history with the fastest goal to date, clocking in at a remarkable 10.54 seconds. The electrifying moment occurred during a Premier League clash between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United, as Eriksen, donning the Spurs jersey, wasted no time in finding the back of the net. The goal not only showcased Eriksen’s lightning-quick reflexes and clinical finishing but also underscored the intensity of the matchup. Notably, this feat transpired during Tottenham Hotspur’s temporary residency at Wembley Stadium while their new home ground was under construction, adding an extra layer of significance to the occasion. Eriksen’s record-breaking goal stands as a testament to the thrilling moments that unfold within the hallowed confines of Wembley, forever etching his name in the stadium’s storied legacy.

2019: England Womens International Attendance Record

A new chapter in the history of women’s football unfolded at Wembley Stadium as a record-breaking crowd of 77,768 spectators gathered to witness England take on Germany in an international showdown. The atmosphere crackled with excitement as fans from both nations filled the stands, eager to witness a historic moment for the sport. However, it was Germany who emerged victorious on the day, clinching a hard-fought 2-1 win over the Lionesses. Despite the result, the match served as a testament to the growing popularity and significance of women’s football, with Wembley Stadium providing a fitting stage for the milestone occasion. The record-breaking attendance not only showcased the immense support for the women’s game but also underscored Wembley’s status as a premier venue for top-tier football action, irrespective of gender.

2022: Biggest Boxing Crowd

Wembley Stadium played host to a colossal heavyweight showdown between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte, drawing the largest boxing crowd in the stadium’s history with a staggering attendance of 94,000 spectators. The anticipation was palpable as fans filled every corner of the iconic venue, eagerly awaiting the clash of titans. In a fiercely contested battle that kept the audience on the edge of their seats, Tyson Fury showcased his immense skill and determination, ultimately stopping Dillian Whyte in the sixth round to claim victory. The electrifying atmosphere and high-stakes action made for an unforgettable spectacle, solidifying Wembley’s status as the premier destination for boxing’s most epic encounters.

2022: Lionesses Lift The Trophy

In a momentous occasion for women’s football, England had the honor of hosting the women’s European Championships, with Wembley Stadium standing as the grand centerpiece of the tournament. As the tournament progressed, the nation rallied behind the Lionesses, witnessing their remarkable journey to the final stage. The atmosphere reached a crescendo as England faced off against their perennial rivals, Germany, in a highly anticipated showdown. In a display of grit, determination, and skill, the Lionesses etched their names in football history, securing a thrilling 2-1 victory over Germany to lift the prestigious trophy. Jubilation swept across the nation as fans rejoiced in the triumph of their beloved team, while Wembley Stadium basked in the glory of hosting a historic moment that showcased the pinnacle of women’s football on the grandest stage.

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Relive the key moments that Wembley Stadium has experienced throughout its 100 years and how to secure official hospitality.

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